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I offer small group walking services in the southwest Mississauga and southeast Oakville neighbourhoods.

I walk up to 4 dogs as a group at a time. My dogs are ALWAYS walked ON-LEASH and we do not visit dog parks as a group.



Dog park visits are done on a one-on-one private basis only.

Group Walk Rate is $15/30 minutes. Additional dogs in the same household receive $5 off.

Private Dog Park Visit Rate is $30/hour.



We welcome friendly doggie visitors to stay in our home on an approval basis. We limit ourselves to a maximum of 3 guests in our care at any point of time, while typically only accepting 1-2, to ensure each and every one gets the attention and love while they are here.


During their stay, we treat your furkids like one of our own. We nap, eat, play and relax together. We do not put non-crate trained visitors in kennels. 


Visitors can play in our fully fenced, double gated backyard under our full supervision. We go on leashed walks in the neighbourhood. We NEVER walk dogs off leash. We DO NOT take our visitors to dog parks unless you have requested and approved us to do so in writing. We serve meals and administer medications according to your request and instructions.

Daycare Rate is $30. Additional dogs in the same household receive 30% off.

Overnight Rate is $50/24 hours. Additional dogs in the same household receive 30% off.


I am a Knowledge Assessed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), who offers dog training consults, where I will teach you how to nurture your four-legged buddy to become model citizens and pride of the neighbourhood. My techniques follow the Humane Hierarchy of Behaviour Change, using positive reinforcement as the foundation of teaching our dogs to make good decisions.

My training style focuses on confidence and trust building, and not forceful behaviour suppression.

Consults are available at your home in-person or via Skype/Facetime. 

Single Consultation Rate is $80/session. Sessions are 1 hour long. The first session includes an additional FREE 30 minute meet-and-greet consult. 5-sessions prepaid is available for $300.




I offer home visits of the following types:

Puppies too young to join a group walk - I will take your puppy for a potty break at your chosen location (backyard, pee pad etc.), spend time playing and practicing basic training exercises. I will feed your puppy if required. Visit includes any cleanup of puppy messes upon arrival.

Cats  - I will clean the litter box, feed them, and spend time interacting with them if they're sociable.

Fish, birds, reptiles and small animals - I will do feeding and cleaning as per your instructions. I will spend time interacting with your pet if they're sociable.

Home check - I will bring in mail, water plants, and move garbage/recycling bins for city pickups. I DO NOT cut grass or clear snow.

Each visit is approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the tasks involved

Home Visit Rate is $15/visit. 

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